Testimonials from satisfied customers

Here at FlyMeSocial, we pride ourselves in not only keeping with our customers’ expectations but exceeding it.

Below are just a few testimonials that has been sent over to us by our clients that reflect our company’s vision of excellent service.

Joanna Carrington - Musician

About a year or so ago, I had gotten into a car accident that has left me immobile from the waist down. It was a life-changing event that nearly broke me completely. I had to slowly give up certain things that I enjoyed doing, and it was only my love for making music that had kept me sane. However, even this hobby was becoming frustrating mostly because I could barely find anyone to listen to them save for family and friends.

Contrary to what some may think, I never got into music for fame or fortune. It didn’t even matter whether I was recognized. It was all about sharing what little talent I had with others in the hopes that they would enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoyed making them. I didn’t have any delusions that I was the best, but surely I wasn’t the worst either.

I was about to give up on music completely when I had stumbled across a friend who had referred me to FlyMeSocial. Seeing that I didn’t really have anything to lose at this point, I decided to give it a shot. After a few short days, both my Spotify and Sound Cloud accounts had started getting activity, and I was receiving a multitude of messages and comments from people who had enjoyed my work!

Looking back, I may have lost my legs but thanks to FlyMeSocial I was at least getting my music to the right people. Since then, I have met many friends and my motivation into continuing to refine my work has never been higher. Thanks, guys! Without your help I probably would have quit music completely.

Adrian Shepherd - Writer

Coming from a military family, I felt obligated and joined the army at an early age. While I was certainly happy to have made the old man proud of me, it didn’t change the fact that I would have rather pursued a career in writing instead. I’ve always had a love for the literary arts ever since I was a kid and I had made a promise to myself to get back into it once my tour of duty ended.

Unfortunately, the life of a writer was a lot harder than I imagined. Apart from having to deal with bouts of writer’s block, there was also the problem of being able to get a piece out that people would actually read. Even with the multitude of people I could reach via the internet, my work was for the most part being overlooked in lieu of more established writers.

This all changed when I came across FlyMeSocial. We started with an Instagram account that I had which was all but neglected. Slowly but surely, I started getting followers. Since my account was linked to a small website I was posting my work to, it didn’t take long for people to start reading what I had written. Not only has my writing become more than a mere hobby, but a source of income as well.

No words can describe how grateful I am to FlyMeSocial. It may sound cheesy but you’ve all given me a life worth living. You also have a customer for life for as long as you continue to do business.

Caitlin Archer - Entrepreneur

There’s a common misconception that being a business owner and answering to no one but yourself is easy. I certainly felt the same way at first, until I realized how difficult it is not just to start a company of your own but to actually run it. In fact, if you aren’t overwhelmed by the unpredictability of the market conditions and unpaid bills, the workers whose livelihoods you shoulder will.

With our profits perpetually down, I was just about to cut my losses and run when I got an idea for a potentially lucrative project. My only problem was how to properly advertise it to my target market. If I could somehow overcome this obstacle, I would be in the safe zone. After no more than a small morning of browsing and searching online, I found my answer: Flymesocial.

I didn’t realize how effective social media could be in business until I acquired their services. Using our company’s Facebook Fan Page, we quickly got the numbers that we needed and more. I’ll skip all the boring details but I will say that this was the catalyst that our company had needed to survive and more importantly succeed. No longer do I stay up at night worrying about the business. Thank you so much, Flymesocial!

William “B.J.” Johns - Photographer

Being a photographer by profession in today’s digital age has its ups and downs. On one hand, the process isn’t as tedious as it used to be, helped in no small part by modern technology. On the other hand however, the same technology has made the market highly competitive, making the task of acquiring freelance work even tougher than it was in the past.

All of these factors seriously made me consider whether it was a career that I still wanted to pursue. My folks had been trying to steer me away from turning this passion into work, saying that it wasn’t possible for a mere photographer to have a good life, much less make ends meet. For a while, I actually thought that maybe they had been right all along.

Fortunately, I didn’t give up. After finding out about the good work that the guys at FlyMeSocial had been doing, I decided to see if they could do the same for me. Needless to say, they did. I have been inundated with jobs ever since I had acquired their services. They proved that even a simple photographer can do well. Sometimes all it takes is a little push, and they definitely had it in spades.

Jessica Cannon - Programmer

As someone who views video games as an art form that is more than just mindless entertainment, I had always wanted to get into the industry. I thought that making a game on my own right after college would help land me a job as a programmer in one of the leading video game companies. The difficulty wasn’t in applying what I’ve learned into practice however, but rather getting people to be aware of my creation.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one with this dream. There are hundreds, if not thousands of other competent programmers developing games on their own too. While most were drivel, some certainly stood out and I’d go as far as to say that they looked, felt and played a lot better than a lot of retail games being sold. But while they were good competition, I objectively felt that my work was just as good if not better.

I was partly right. I knew that my own game could stand toe-to-toe against any other indie title but the problem was its severe lack of online presence. It was being overshadowed because I didn’t know how to properly advertise it. By uploading it in the usual websites, I thought it would be more than enough but I was wrong. Thankfully, Flymesocial helped me realize that I needed to take advantage of social media instead.

Not only has my game received glaringly positive reviews, but I was just contacted by two of the biggest giants in the video game industry for a position. I’m writing this testimonial now while I consider my options but the fact of the matter is, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Flymesocial. For those who want fast results, this is the company to call.

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