Taking Selfies to the Next Level

Introducing Focus Portrait Mode for Instagram Stories: Taking Selfies to the Next Level


Who can resist app features that allow you to take better selfies? Most would certainly say, yes please! Instagram did just that by launching the “focus” feature as part of Instagram Stories. With this feature, you can take portraits with increased depth of field, hence, the blurry background effect. Focus uses background segmentation and face detection technology which means you don’t need to have a dual camera phone like Iphone 7+, 8+, or Android Pixel 2. The downside is that this feature will not work with older phone models earlier than 2015. Don’t fret though, Instagram is likely to enhance the feature to cater to a larger number of users.

How to use Focus

To use this feature, simply open Instagram Stories and look for the icon below. This should be right alongside other features such as Boomerang and Superzoom. As soon as there is a subject on the shot, you will see that it will slowly focus and softly blurs the background. As soon as you’re ready, you need to tap the button to take photos or record a video. Easy! Isn’t it?

Instagram users agree that it looks just like the real thing! If you don’t want to spend on a new fancy camera but would like to get in the trend of taking awesome portraits, Instagram has definitely got you covered.

Image: Pixabay.com