Instagram Influencers of Today: Here’s the Top 15 you should follow

Instagram Influencers of Today: Here’s the Top 15 you should follow


Who do you follow on Instagram? There are varying reasons for choosing who to follow. Whether you are inspired by artistic photographs or like content related to food, Instagram has a wide range of content and influencers to suit anyone’s preferences.

There are a few of these influencers who are certainly worth your time. They create excellent quality content giving followers a glimpse of how they maintain top quality content curation. They allow followers to gain insight on unique aspects of their life while giving focus to a specific niche related to their background.

  1. @dailydose


You must have at one point or another, seen a post from this Instagram profile created by Tim Karsliyev. Daily Dose is a pioneer inspirational account in Instagram with a following of more than 200 million. Tim created daily dose to step up and make a difference in reaching millions via inspirational messages daily.


  1. @nikkigiavasisofficial


Nikki Giavasis was named as one of Forbes and Entrepreneur Influencer of 2017. She is a testament that success is always possible if you work hard. She is not only an agent for celebrities and other influencers, but she is also a mother.

  1. @tonioskits


What’s most interesting about his account is that he creates and directs his own original content. Tonio Skits is a comedian with a following of over three million. He is in high demand as a red carpet host and commentator who also partied around the world.


  1. @jesseniavice


Jessenia Vice is an advocate for women who are victims of domestic violence. Her story is an inspiration for many who want to turn their lives around. She battled obesity at a young age and survived an abusive relationship. Since then, she has been featured in magazines such as Cover Girl and Maxim.


  1. @desiperkins


She is a lifestyle and beauty content creator with over three million followers. Her content focuses on helping women tackle how to create effortlessly creative looks with makeup.


  1. @claudiaalende


This model and businesswoman from Brazil shows how a woman can succeed in every aspect of life. She creates content focused on health, beauty, business advice, and motivational content.


  1. @CookinwithMima


This Instagram account is a one-stop source for amazing food recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts. She tends to focus on healthy recipes but also caters to a variety of tastes and preferences.


  1. @dollar


Brandon Siwiak is one of highest paid media influencers today. He owns 10 other pages with a total of over 10 million followers. He aims to motivate and inspire today’s youth.


  1. @joelcotartese


He is a pioneer in monetizing social media since 2012. As a pioneer he is known for building the blueprint used today by most social media brands.


  1. @andyfrisella


Andy Frisella is a businessman and owns 1st Phorm International. His loyal followers put him on the map as a top influencer on social media. His channels provide a realistic approach on how to build a business from the ground up. He also aims to motivate his viewers and followers to be the best that they can be.


  1. @briandevans


Brian D. Evans is knows for building the 25th fastest growing advertising agency in America. Evans is the founder of Influencive and its group of dedicated motivation seeking followers. Influencive is also one of the top-read publications, read by millions of millenials monthly.


  1. @goodlife


Farokh Sarmad still remains to be one of the biggest social media influencers today. Farokh has a following in almost every major country and has an advertising agency with a reach of over 150 million followers. If you want to get inspired and get a taste of the good life, he is a perfect influencer to follow.


  1. @igbenlee


Ben Lee is an Inc.30 under 30 Entrepreneur who climbed from busboy to operations manager for two hospitality properties grossing $20 million. He has since partnered with media moguls and Fortune 100 companies to create the world’s greatest applications.


  1. @zaptio


Steven Vasilev’s custom shoes have been featured in Business Insider and Hypefresh Magazine. His shoes have also been worn by major celebrities such as Rick Ross and Jason Derulo. Not only that, he is a mere 20 year old who is managing a 25M network on Instagram.


  1. @rich20something


Daniel DiPiazza is a New York Times Best Selling author who runs a number of social medial channels under the same name. His content is focused on a candid approach to developing financial stability and income sources.

These Instragram influencers are but a few who offer rich content that can make your feed more interesting and useful. You will certainly find one that speaks to you and caters to your interests.



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