Hey Its 2018! Here are Instagram trends you wouldn’t want to miss

Instagram began as a photo sharing app but slowly turned into a powerful social media platform just like Facebook. Today, it has become a significant marketing tool for businesses whether big or small. If you want your brand to be known and have a strong following on social media, Instagram is a great starting point. The app has undergone changes over the years and is likely to launch more in the near future. How do you make the most of these trends on Instagram? Here’s a look at what you can do with your Instagram account right now.

Instagram Stories

This change was inspired by the popularity of Snapchat back in 2016, where users can post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram followed suit and not long after its launch, millions of Instagram users started using Stories. How can you use this feature to promote your brand? It’s the perfect way to show your followers a raw, unfiltered glimpse of what’s happening. You can show how products are developed, behind the scenes footage of events, and other promotions. What’s great about Stories is that you don’t risk spamming your followers with countless posts on their feeds. It is certainly fun and engaging even if it has a time frame of only 24 hours. As an added feature, Instagram introduced Stories Highlights which allows you to add expired stories to your profile so that you can keep your favorites around. Kind of like a throwback if you will. Even if there is an expiration for your Stories, it will only continue to become popular so make it a point to explore the possibilities of using Instagram Stories as part of your marketing strategy.

Live Videos on your Instagram Stories

A recent trend in social media is “live streaming” videos in your feed. This trend will only continue to soar in 2018 and it’s high time you consider this as a powerful tool to increase your following. You can start a live video stream directly in your Instagram Stories. How fun is that? It is definitely useful for time sensitive events such as product launching, company parties, and the like. Viewers can comment while the video is streaming so this is another perfect way to engage followers. But, what happens when the video is over? You can share a video replay for others to see and this will be available for the next 24 hours or you can add it to your Stories Highlights instead.

Take Advantage of User Generated Content

Have you seen Instagram accounts posting photos of other users while using their products? This is called user generated content and many are taking advantage of it as a marketing strategy. There is currently no specific guideline to the process, which means you will have to do it manually but make sure that you always get permission before posting content from another Instagram account. What’s great about it is that you can get unbiased reviews and feedback from a customer without asking for it. The key to this is to always acknowledge the source of your content. You will be surprised that Instagram users are more than willing to let you borrow their content if you ask nicely.

Mobile Shopping with Ease

Who would have thought that Instagram will become a shopping platform? This is the reality now and you should be able to adapt to it. Instagram made an effort to provide effective product marketing and advertising by launching Instagram Shopping. You can browse through pictures of products and access a landing page where you can buy it. It has a lot of potential and companies will be able to leverage on this as another user-friendly mobile shopping solution.

Take Advantage of Micro Influencers

A micro-influencer is an Instagram user with around 1,000-100,000 followers. They are more relatable and produce content focused on a specific niche. One example would be a beauty blogger who reviews, tries, and photographs new products and trends. If you are a small business and cannot afford expensive advertising, start by partnering with micro-influencers. Their followers will most likely take things at face value and this is a perfect way for you to get your product out there.

These are only some of the trends that will continue to be big in 2018. Of course, there will be more changes as Instagram continues to respond to the needs of users. Social media is definitely a powerful tool for marketing and you shouldn’t get behind on the trends, rather you should always be on top of it.